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Free Cues + Avatar Trick – Crown Jewel Win Steak Table

8 Ball Pool Free Cue Trick
Written by Mateen Usman

8 Ball Pool Win Streak Event

Hello Everyone! In this post, I am going to tell you how to win free Cue & Coins in 8 Ball Pool.

This 2020 Miniclip Introduced a Brand New Table in 8 Ball Pool Called Crown Jewel Win Streak Table. Play Some Normal Matches And You Will Get The Update Of This Awesome Event Going on.

Event Date: 09 Jan 2020

Free Cues & Avatar:

Once your game is updated, you will receive a popup. This event is available for limited-time so don’t miss out. Win Streak event includes a brand new Cue collection, new Avatar, and a Win Streak table.

8 ball pool crown jewel

Crown Jewel Win Streak Event includes Royal Jewel, Royal Arena, Crown Jewel & Melbourne Star Cue. You can unlock Royal Arena, Crown Jewel & Melbourne Star Cue by playing and winning a win streak table. If you succe0s0sfully collect all three cues during the win streak event then you are able to claim free Royal Jewel Cue & Sniper Avatar. Players can max level their cue by collecting more and more pieces from victory boxes.

Crown Jewel Free Cue

Win Streak Table:

Crown Jewel Win Streak Table is newly added to the game. You can access the table by clicking on its card and it is available for 5 days only. You don’t need to pay any coin or cash to play this table the first time. Players can enjoy this table without betting anything. Rules are pretty simple to unlock awesome cue and other stuff.

crown jewel win streak

Each player has 13 matches to play and need to win at least 10 matches in order to get the Crown Jewel Ring and Crown Jewel  Cue. You will be awarded after each win. After each win, you will get some coin and at some certain points, you will get event exclusive boxes which include coins, cues, and spins.

8 ball pool free cue

As you can predict from its name Win Streak, you need to hold a win-streak of 10 matches. Don’t worry it’s not that hard you have 3 chances. If you lose any of the matches it will not affect your win streak but if you lost more than 2 matches you need to

continue by paying 5 cash and continue your win-streak.

win streak continue

As you progress in winning the matches you will get some event-exclusive boxes at 2,4,6, and 8 win. When you win 10 matches you will get the Golden Victory Box and Crown Jewel Ring.

win streak free box

Claim your reward and open the box. Every player is guaranteed to get 100K coins and 4 pieces of Crown Jewel Cue.

crown jewel cue

Once you complete the task you can start over for free to get more cue pieces and upgrade them to the max level.

win streak 8 ball pool

Even if you complete this one time you will automatically get more pieces of Crown Jewel Cue from all boxes. Also, you can unlock all three cues to claim Royal Jewel Cue & Sniper Avatar from the offer.

royal jewel cue

Once you collect all three cue you can claim free Royal Jewel Cue and Sniper Avatar directly in your account.

rowal jewel cue sniper avatr

You can upgrade your cues to level max easily by playing crown jewel win streak table again and again.

royal jewel max level cue

royal jewel max level cue

Enjoy & Be Happy:)

Note: There is no reward link for this cue and coins. You need to unlock them in-game, read the complete article for better understanding.

Unlock This Cue Easily In New Account:

This Guide is for a new account only. You can use my mod to unlock this cue very easily. Do not log in your personal account into the mod or your account will be banned.

Mod Features:

  1. Show Level 6 & Level 999 on a new account.
  2. Normal & Extended Guideline.
  3. Antiban with new accounts.

You can download mod from KZRDownload.

Simple download and install level 6 or level 999 extended guideline mod in your device. Create new Miniclip account. Play some games, So your game will update and show crown jewel win streak table. when you play in this mod your opponent will be low level and also you have extended longline, So you can easily win 10 matches. When you unlock Free Cue, logout from 8 ball pool mod. Enjoy free cue in your new 8 ball pool account.

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