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8 Ball Pool Pass Warrior Season Max Rank – Free Rewards

8 ball pool warrior season
Written by Mateen Usman

Hello Everyone! Hope You’re Doing Well Today, So Recently 8 Ball Pool Launched Warrior Season Pool Pass On 26 Feb 2020. 8 Ball Pool Added Some Awesome Updates To Game Which Makes This Interesting As Well As No 1 Online Pool Game Across The World.

8 Ball Pool Pass Warrior Season

Every Pool Pass Season will bring you new and exclusive rewards that you can only get during that Season. 8 Ball Pool brings us the most iconic feature of the game that is Pool Pass or I can say 8 Ball Pool Royal Pass / 8 Ball Pool Global Pass. Get Pool Pass to unlock instant rewards and to open Victories Boxes twice as fast or in half time. Collect Pool Points to win free rewards and seasonal exclusives. Win matches and complete Daily Missions to win more and more pool points. Get the Pool Pass to earn Faster Victory Boxes and unlock many Exclusive Rewards!

Free Pool Pass

8 Ball Pool Free Pass will be given to all of the players for free but rewards are also limited in the free pass. In the Free Pass, Players can earn up to 5000 Coins, Cue, Cash, Avatar, Chatpack, Emojis, Golden Shot, & Golden Spin. You can collect the rewards displayed on the Free (represented in Blue) as you accumulate the necessary Pool Points for each Rank up. All you will need to do is win games to Rank up!

Premium Pool Pass

8 Ball Pool Premium Pass needs to be purchased with a small amount of 4.99 Dollars (for each season). If you acquire the Premium Pool Pass, then you will be able to collect the rewards from the Premium Lane, which is represented in Gold.
You can get the Premium Pool Pass at any time during the season, and immediately collect the rewards from all of the already achieved ranks, as well as those from the ones you will achieve while the season is active.
Faster Victories Boxes mean if you have a premium pool pass victory boxes unlock in half time or twine fast. You can instantly collect 4 Cue Pieces and Emoji at rank Zero in Premium Pass.


8 ball pool warrior season

Pool Pass Rewards

8 Ball Pool Free and Premium Pass contain exclusive rewards that players can collect by ranking up. Each season of pool pass has different rewards and they will be available to collect until the end of the Season, just open the Pool Pass Menu and tap “Collect”.

RankFree PassPremium Pass
0300 CoinsGladiator Cue x4
Judgment Emote
1ScratcherPro Victory Box
2500 CoinsAmazon Avatar
Rare Surprise Box
3Free SpinScratcher
4700 CoinsPro Victory Box
5Warrior Cue PieceWarrior Cue x3
6 Cash
6Gladiator Cue x6
10000 Coins
7Gladiator AvatarRare Surprise Box
8Free SpinWarrior 2 Chat Pack
9900 CoinsElite Victory Box
10Warrior Cue PieceWarrior Cue x3
12 Cash
111100 Coins2 Rare Surprise Box
12Rare Surprise BoxGolden Spin
13Gladiator Cue x6
20000 Coins
14ScratcherEpic Surprise Box
15Jest EmoteKnight Commander Avatar
18 Cash
161500 CoinsElite Victory Box
17Pro Victory BoxGolden Shot
18Warrior Cue PieceWarrior Cue x5
192 CashEpic Surprise Box
20Warrior Chat PackGladiator Cue x8
30000 Coins
21Elite Victory Box
22Golden SpinSkol Emote
231900 CoinsEpic Surprise Box
24Rare Surprise Box2 Golden Shots
25Warrior Cue PieceWarrior Cue x7
24 Cash
262100 CoinsElite Victory Box
27Gladiator Cue x10
40000 Coins
28Golden ShotEpic Box
292500 CoinsGolden Spin
30War Shaman AvatarLegendary Box
30 Cash
316 CashChampion Victory Box
32Elite Victory BoxGladiator Cue x12
332700 Coin2 legendary Box
34Warrior Cue x2Warlord Avatar
Vanish Emote

Exclusive Rewards

8 Ball Pool Warrior Season Premium Pass has some exclusive rewards to unlock by ranking up the pool pass. Players can unlock some exclusive rewards from free pool pass and others from premium pool pass.

Warrior Cue & Gladiator Cue is the exclusive reward you can unlock in 8 ball pool pass Warrior Season.

8 ball pool pass free cues

8 Ball Pool Pass Warrior Season has exclusive Gladiator, Knight Commander, War Shaman, Warlord, and Amazon Avatar.

8 ball pool pass free avatar

Exclusive Emotes are Judgment, Jest, Skol and Vanish in 8 ball pool Warrior Season.

Rank Up Pool Pass

Players can rank up Pool Pass by showing their skills and winning games. The more you win, the further you will progress. You can collect Pool Points by playing our 1v1 Tables, Tournaments and 9 Ball Tables, as well as by completing Daily Missions. Pool pass points are written on all 1v1 tables, tournaments and 9 ball tables according to the bet prize. You can see the number of Pool Points you can get by winning the game, right next to the Table Prize. Points are awarded only if you win the match.

Pool Pass Points

Completing Daily Missions is another best way to push rank in the 8 ball pool pass. Players can earn up to 380 points per day by completing Daily Missions. Also, you will get coins, cash and victory boxes by completing daily missions. If you find any mission difficult for you to complete then you can always replace one mission per day.

8 ball pool daily mission

Accumulate Pool Points to increase your rank within a season and get to Max Rank to claim all prizes. Each Season, the Premium Pool Pass will include exclusive rewards and perks, that will remain active for the duration of that Season only. All you will need to do is win games to Rank up!

Pool Pass Max Rank 12

Pool Points:

100 Pool Points are required to achieve rank 1 in the pool pass. As you progress in the pool pass, points start increasing with your rank. You need 200 pool pass points for rank 1-5, 220 points for rank 6-10 and so on. Find the number of Pool Points needed, as well as how many points you already have, on the Main Menu of the game, in the Pool Pass button that is located below the display of your Pool Cash and Coins.

8 Ball POol Pass Rank

Getting pool pass points is not that easy by playing against the same opponent again and again or with your friends. Friendly matches, rematches, playing against the same opponent more than once and All In games will not increase your Pool Points amount. You can only earn pool pass points once from each player in a week like a league winning.

8 Ball Pool Pass Point Berlin

Pool Pass Benefits:

The pool pass is a huge update for the 8 ball pool because now players can earn free  Coins, Cash, Avatar, Chatpack, Emojis, Golden Shot, Golden Spin & Cue. If you don’t have the budget to buy a Premium Pass still you can earn a lot of free rewards from Free Pass. If you play 8 Ball Pool that all keeps playing and you will automatically get your reward, just claim your rewards when you reach the required Pool Pass Rank.


Pool Pass Warrior Season is about 4 Weeks long which is almost 1 month of the time period. Longer the pool pass season period will increase the number of ranks and off-course the rewards. You can always find the time remaining for the ongoing Season on the Main Menu of the game, in the Pool Pass button that is located below the display of your Pool Cash and Coins. Upcoming Seasons may last longer, stay tuned!

Free Victory Cues:

Premium Pool Pass includes pro victory boxes which give us a chance to unlock the incredible Galaxy cue and Lightning cue. Galaxy cue is one of the best cues in the 8 ball pool along with other awesome victory cues like Emerald Cue, Platinum Cue & Potter Cue. In Short, you can easily get Free Galaxy Cue that worth more than 700 cash.

Free Galaxy Cue Reward

Faster Victory Boxes:

Victory Boxes open twice fast than before with a premium pool pass. If you play pool more than enough then it’s really helpful. You don’t need to wait 3 hours for a victory box, it will take half of the time to open a box (1 hour 30 min). Just play, win boxes and open as fast as possible. There is a small chance to find Legendary Cue piece in the pro victory box.

Faster Victory Boxes

Pool Pass Max Rank:

In 8 Ball Pool Pass Warrior Season Max Rank will give you a lot of rewards which you can’t buy in such a small amount of 4.99 dollars. If you reach max rank in pool pass it will completely worth to buy. You can get a lot of cash on different ranks of pool pass.

8 ball pool free cash

Pool Pass includes Free Golden Shot, where you can earn up to 100 cash or 4 legendary boxes. Golden shots unlock as you proceed with pool pass.

8 ball pool free golden shot

Every player gets free normal spin after 24 hours but never gets a golden spin. So, here is the chance to earn free Golden Spins and try your luck for huge rewards.

8 ball pool free golden spin

The best part is you can unlock free legendary boxes from the Warrior Season pool pass. As you know we can unlock any legendary cue by opening free legendary boxes, for example, archangel cue or firestorm cue.

8 ball pool free legendary box

Pool Pass Is Live:

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