8 Ball Pool Free Lucky Shot Tips & Tricks

How To Win Lucky / Golden Shot Everytime – Free Cash

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Win Lucky / Golden Shot Every Time

Hello Everyone! In this post, I am going to tell you how to Win Lucky Shot Or Golden Shot in 8 Ball Pool every time.

Lucky Shots Include four prizes. You can unlock free Boxes, Cash, and Coins from the free lucky shot.

Lucky Shots have four different targets.

  • Yellow Circle = 5 Cash
  • Red Circle = Boxes
  • Blue Circle = 1000 Coins
  • Grey Circle = 500 Coins

Golden Shots Include four prizes. You can unlock free Legendary Boxes, Cash, and Coins from the Golden shot.

Golden Shots have four different targets.

  • Yellow Circle = 4 Legendary Box or 100 Cash
  • Red Circle = 60 Cash
  • Blue Circle = 75,000 Coins
  • Grey Circle = 50,000 Coins

8 ball pool golden shot

How To Get A Free Golden Shot:

Lucky Shot is free in 8 ball pool, which you can earn after every 24 hours. In the case of a golden shot, it is not free but still, you can claim free using reward links or from pool pass.

Free Golden Shot
You can Claim a free Golden Shot from

8 Ball Pool Free Golden Shot

Trick To Win Golden Shot Every Time:

To win Lucky Shot or Golden shot every time and claim free cash or legendary boxes follow these steps below:

Make sure you have a golden spin available in your account. Goto mini-games and lucky shot but do not click on the play button on this page.

Mark Each Ball Location:

This might look funny but you need to mark each ball location and the target place circle. You can use any marker/highlighter or small stickers to paste on your mobile screen.

Play Practice Offline:

Now with those markers or stickers on your phone screen, go to practice offline mode. Break the set with your selected or favorite cue.

Clear your way out, pot some of the extra balls on the table that is disturbing your practice area.

Choose one ball nearby and try to stop the ball at the position of yellow ball, so you can practice your target.

Pot the cue ball and when you get your turn back, adjust your cue ball on the position of the white ball.

Simply adjust your objective ball angle toward the target or yellow circle. You can easily remember this angle even if you have an average cue with an average guidelines.

Using your mind use only that much force that you think is enough to stop the yellow ball on target. Mark the power level you used this time to adjust next time.

After a successful shot, note whether you need to use more or less force this time and also take a look at your angle.

Play Golden Shot:

Open Lucky / Golden shot, your yellow ball is still in the same position. Using the same cue that you use in practice mode, adjust your yellow ball angle toward the inner circle of the target.

When your angle is perfect use slightly less or more force according to stop the yellow ball in the inner circle of the target.

When your angle and power is perfect you can land the golden ball on target easily.

You can win free 100 cash using this trick but I got 4 legendary boxes this time which are worth more than 100 cash.

Enjoy & Be Happy:)

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