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Free Moon Dust Cue + Dusk Avatar

Free Moon Dust Cue + Dusk Avatar

Hello Everyone! In this post, I am going to tell you how to claim free cue and avatar.

In Ramzan Mubarak offer you can easily claim free Moon Dust Cue & Dusk Avatar.

Trick To Claim Free Cue + Avatar:

To do this simple trick and claim free reward follow steps below:

Clear Game Data:

  • Go to your device setting.
  • Go to Apps Section.
  • Click on 8 Ball Pool.
  • Click on Storage.
  • Clear Data & Confirm.

Change Device Date:

  • Go to your device setting.
  • General Setting / Management.
  • Click on 8 Ball Pool.
  • Click on Date & Time.
  • Turn Off Automatic Date & Time.
  • Set Date Between 2-7 May 2019.

Change Device Date:

Open official 8 Ball Pool installed from play store and try to update your game by playing some matches, so new offer will be shown.

Ramzan Mubarak Offer Popup:

Once your game has updated a popup will be shown. Now you have to click Claim Free button to get free Moon Dust Cue and Dusk Avatar in your account.

When you click on claim free button you will be awarded with free Moon Dust Cue + Dusk Avatar. Click collect and use.

Once you have collected both items, check them in your account. Now you have Dusk Avatar as your profile pic.

Free Moon Dust Cue is also collected in your account. its also upgrade-able to level max with maxforce, spin, aim and time.

Cue you collected free only have 1 force cell, 7 aim cell, 5 spin cell and 2 time cell. you need to purchase more cue pieces from new offer to upgrade this cue to level max.

Enjoy & Be Happy:)



Note: There is no reward link for this cue and avatar. You need to claim them in game, read complete article for better understanding.


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