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Free Epic Box Reward Link Today

Today’s post is about getting free epic boxes in your 8 ball pool account using reward links.

Boxes you can claim free from reward links are rare, epic, legendary and surprise boxes. Chances of getting box reward link are easy in case of rare, medium in case of epic and hard in case of legendary boxes. All of the free boxes contain rare, epic and legendary cue pieces, you can easily unlock free cues using these boxes.


Individual boxes are also be given through reward links and by playing games, you will be awarded free boxes by winning any table. Those free boxes need cash to open, or you need to wait for a specific time to open those boxes. All boxes are not the same. Different prizes come out like basic, advanced and expert cue pieces. You can hold up to 4 boxes and open only one at a time using a timer, to open instantly you can spend cash to do so.

The main surprise boxes are only three rare, epic and legendary. All these boxes include special cue pieces you can unlock those rare, epic and legendary cue by opening those boxes. Special cues are limited to twenty, there are 20 rare cues, 20 epic cues, and 20 legendary cues. All these cues have some special powers including XP supercharge, free recharge, and entry fee payback.

Special surprise boxes are also be given if you don`t play your game for 1-2 months, then suddenly login your account then you will get an offer named “show who is boss?”, claim your free box may include rare, epic or legendary box. You can claim these types of box more than once in one account.

Coming back to reward links on this website you can get free boxes reward link. Many reward links are on the way stay tuned if any of mentioned link does not work for you, please wait for us to fix them. We will try to provide new links as soon as possible.

How To Claim These Rewards:

1. Open the website in Google Chrome on a mobile device.
2. Click on below reward links to get free 8 ball pool coins.
3. Open the link using 8 Ball Pool app on your Android or IOS.
4. Make sure you have the right account logged in to claim the reward.
5. Now, wait for the game to connect with the server (it may take 3-5 sec).
6. Claim that reward in your account and enjoy!

Free 2 Epic Box Reward Links :

Free 2 Epic Boxes => Claim

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