8 Ball Pool Free Box Tips & Tricks

8 Ball Pool Free Collector’s Box Trick

8 ball pool Free Cue Trick

Free Collector’s Box Trick

Hello Everyone! In this post, I am going to tell you how to claim the free 8 Ball Pool Collector’s Box.

Collector’s Box Include cue pieces from every cue collection. You can unlock free King, Queen, Dynamo, Conquerer Cue and many more cues from collector’s boxes.

Collector’s Boxes have three different varieties:

  • Advanced = Cue Pieces x8
  • Proficient = Cue Pieces x17
  • Expert = Cue Pieces x26

You can claim a free Advanced collector box from Collector’s Box Offer.

Collector Box Free

Trick To Claim 8 Ball Pool Free Collector’s Box:

To do this simple trick and claim a free reward follow the steps below:

Collector’s Box Offer Date:

The offer shows in your account between 25 October to 31 October. If you reading this article after some time, here is how you can adjust your date on android.

  • Go to your device setting.
  • General Setting / Management.
  • Click on 8 Ball Pool.
  • Click on Date & Time.
  • Turn Off Automatic Date & Time.
  • Set the Date to 25 October 2019.

Note: If you’re doing this trick on 29, 30, or 31 October then no need to change your date.

Download 8 Ball Pool Mod APK:

For doing this trick super-fast easy way is to download 8 ball pool latest mod apk. You need level 5+ for an offer to show in your account. So, this mod increases the level of your new Miniclip account from 0 to 786. Simply you need to create a new Miniclip account in that 8 ball pool apk mod and claim the collector’s box for free. After that open box tries your luck and if you lucky enough you can unlock free king, queen, and other premium cues in the account.

You can free download 8 ball pool latest mod from KZRDownload:

You will get the instruction on how to download and install 8 ball pool mod apk from our post on KZRDownload.

Create New Miniclip Account:

Open 8 Ball Pool mod apk downloaded from the above link and install it on your android device. You don’t need to uninstall your original 8 ball pool. Now create a new Miniclip ID using a custom email address, unique username, and a password. You can use the same number in your account email and username to make a list of account, also the same password on each account help to remember. Login is [email protected] and the pass is freekingcue.

create Miniclip account

Update Game Offers:

When you create a new Miniclip ID you don’t need to complete any tutorial. Your virtual account level is 786 so wait for some time and click anywhere so your game show updating.

Collector’s Box Offer Popup:

Once your game has updated a popup will be shown. Now you have to click Claim Free button to get a free Advanced Collector Box in your account.

Collector Box Offer

When you click on the claim free button you will be awarded a free 8 Ball Pool Advanced Collector Box. Click collect and use.

Free Advanced Collector’s Cue is collected in your account. Box open immediately and you can unlock some awesome cue pieces & if you’re lucky enough you can unlock a free king cue or dynamo cue.

Here I got lucky and unlock the free khan cue in my new account on the first try. You can also unlock them very easily just by following these simple steps.

Free Khan Cue Trick

Try Try Again:

Log out your previous Miniclip account and create a new account using different information. This time you don’t need to wait for anything you will get the box as soon as you are new account opens. Just claim the box open it and repeat the process until you get an awesome cue. Second, hidden free cue account in this post. Login is [email protected] and the pass is kzrtest.

Here are some proofs of lucky people who received pretty awesome cues by their hard work or luck I can say!

Enjoy & Be Happy:)



Note: There are no reward links for those cues. You need to claim them in-game and read the complete article for a better understanding.


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