8 Ball Pool Free Lucky Shot

8 Ball Pool Lucky Shot Version Update

8 Ball Pool Lucky Shot

Hello everyone, in this post, we will discuss the lucky Shot of 8 Ball Pool.

Early in 8 ball pool beta version Lucky Shot is introduced as a new mini-game for beta testers only but in a recent update Miniclip officially released Lucky Shot in the latest version of 8 ball pool. That mean now lucky shot is available for all player on version 4.4.0 around the world. 8 ball pool lucky shot version is available to download from here.

What is the new Mini-game: Lucky Shot?

The Lucky Shot is a Mini-game newly introduced in 8 ball pool to replace Spin and Win in future updates. This new mini-game named lucky shot has already kicked out HI-Low(mini-game) from 8 ball pool.

How does it work?

Every player gets a free lucky shot after 24 hours. You will never get a daily lucky shot until you use the previous one. You can also claim a free luck or golden shot by using reward links.

How to win free cash, coin, and boxes?

It’s about landing a yellow ball on target. There are four targets in the form of the circle, the innermost circle has big prizes, and the outermost circle has a low price. If you are successful in landing your cue ball on the target place you will be awarded 5 cash, even if you miss you will get a free box or coins. It’s super easy to win free 5 cash; the target is straightforward only the thing you need is full attention, hold your cue ball carefully and use proper force and spin to place the cue ball on target.

8 ball pool free 5 cash

What we will get if we complete our mission?

You will get awesome prizes like (Coins, Cash, and Boxes).

Free lucky shot prizes are given below:

  1. 5 Cash
  2. Elite Box x1
  3. 1000 Coin
  4. 500 Coin

In future updates, spin and win will be replaced with a lucky shot. Lucky shot prizes are not multiplied with your VIP club like spin and win, just like golden spin Miniclip introduced golden shot where you need to purchase them for big prizes. Golden shot has the same rules but 10X better rewards. You can buy 3 shots for 2 dollars.

Golden shot prizes are given below:

  1. Champion Box x3
  2. 40 Cash
  3. 20000 Coin
  4. 10000 Coin

8 ball pool free lucky shot

What if we failed our Free shot?

If you’ve failed your Free shot mission, no worries, come back the next day for another free shot, or try the paid Golden Shot, with extra rewards.

Can we win 5 cash every time?

Yes, it is quite possible to win 5 cash every time you play, but you need good strategy and skills to place the yellow ball at the very center point to win free 5 cash otherwise you will get a box or coins.

I have Free Spins from Spin & Win, will I lose them?

You continue to be able to access and use accumulated Free Spins from the Game Menu, under Mini-Games but you may lose Hi-Low in your mini-games.

How To Claim Rewards?

You can easily claim your reward with a lucky shot without any problem.

8 ball pool free elite box

Is it available for all players?

A lucky shot is newly introduced in 8 ball pool 4.4.0 latest version. You can download its latest and beta version to play lucky shot by clicking the button below.


Free Lucky Shot Reward Links :

Free Lucky Shot => Claim

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