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8 Ball Pool Insta:

Insta is the portable version of 8 ball pool which you can play instantly on facebook messenger. You can play with your friends, instant play or quick-fire for a quick match to enjoy.

You will get a free lucky shot every 24 hours. The best thing is that players can unlock premium & expensive cue here for free just by playing daily free lucky shots. You can unlock Black diamond cue, iron cue, and billionaire cue for free.

Cue unlocked from a lucky shot in insta pool will remain in your account for 24 hours only. You can use that cue free for a limited amount of time.

Idiosyncratic Features of 8 Ball Pool

8 ball pool is the game that grasps the audience's attention from all over the globe. Some of the features of this fantastic game are listed below.

Multiplayer Game

A game contains many tournaments. In the competitions, the applications allow 1 to 1 match or more while you are in the tournament. You can not play as a team on one table you can only team up in clubs to win together. Multiplayer means you can challenge your friends to play with you around the world and you're not playing against any computer or bot.

multiplayer pool game

Play It Online

The game is played online by logging in to your social account such as Gmail, Facebook, etc. Well besides it you can play the game as a guest which does not require you to get online. While playing as a guest, you can practice and polish your skills without any internet connection. You can also add friends manually if you don`t have any facebook friends. Ask your friend for his unique id located in the top right corner of the dashboard and make sure your friend has Allow add as friend to everyone. Add friend by unique id and make sure both players are using the same 8 ball pool version. Earn 1000 - 6000 free coins for each friend who joins 8 ball pool with your invite. You can check your friend's id status their cues and achievements by clicking on their profile icon. Meeting new persons are good, you can play with the friends of your friend to increase your friend circle. Download more online games from MoboAPK.

We Can Talk

Well, the game consists of a chat feature. That means you can chat with other players while playing the game. You can only chat freely with your friends; you can not chat directly with any random players you can use the game build in chat pack to express your feeling in the game. There are many chat packs available to buy in-game, and many will be awarded by the Miniclip team as a gift in the form of Reward Links. If both players are facebook friends then its possible to freely chat with each other by typing whatever you want and send. Newly releases 8 ball pool beta version 4.5.0 allows you to send emoji while playing for free. You don't need to purchase face emoji in 8 ball pool 4.5.1. It's enjoyable to send that authentic expression to your opponent.

8 Ball Pool Emoji Chat

Practice Offline

If you don`t have an internet connection while traveling or far from home, you can play offline to practice your target. Practice offline has two modes, Pass n` play & Play quickfire. Both modes have 25 entry fee. Pass n` play mode is standard 8 ball pool version & Play quickfire have the main goal to the pot as many balls as you can before the time runs out. Rules are pretty simple in this mode. Pott any ball = 100 points (+50 no cushions) + 10 seconds. Pot the white cue ball = 30-second penalty + decrease multiplier by 0.5. 5 consecutive pots = increase the multiplier by 0.5.

8 Ball Pool Practice Offline

Level Up

8 ball pool increasing levels cause matchmaking of tough players with you. As you play matches your ranking increases causing more exclusive tables to unlock, where you can play against pro pool players. Level up is done by increasing XP, each time you level up, you will receive free cash in your account. Leveling up gives you an extra VIP point which helps you to climb up your VIP tier. Max level in 8 ball pool is level 999, yet no one can beat that level.

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